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Again i found these images on the ‘ffffound’ blog. I have absolutely no idea what the artist is called but the images that are produced are really evocative and thrive culturally. Each of these pieces creates a Chinese atmosphere and the style is similar to a lot of Chinese art. The patterns that appear on the bodies of the women take the shape of clothing, wrapping around the bodies shape turning the set of images into a catwalk. This work also reminds me of the work of ‘Liu Bolin’ and his camouflage photographs.

One of the main reasons that i like this work is because it would be easy and effective to transform this work into physical clothing and have it on sale in shops. the designs are oriental chinese designs, consisting of organic, natural patterns that thrive in Chinese culture.

Although this is not a specific fashion practitioner i do think that one can view this work as fashion & textiles design to the point that the models are covered in an artistic manor and in a way that creates the effect and illusion of clothing. Chinese body art therefore is fashion in the same way that the majority of what goes on catwalks for fashion shows and exhibitions is rarely worn outside of the catwalk. The clothes that one sees at a show are usually for artistic purposes rather than leisure wear. Therefore, Chinese body art, in this respect, can be seen, understood, and accepted as a fashion design and exhibit.

http://fun.ql4.org/weird/unusual-body-art.html – This is the link to the body art blog, it is not porn, merely strange advertising

http://www.odditycentral.com/pics/meet-the-real-life-invisible-man.html – Liu Bolin’s website