‘Manipulation’ sees Greaves’ creation come to life on the page it was born and proceed to tamper with it’s settings. In an attempt to control the newly created being, Greaves comes up with various ways of controlling the small paper man by altering the world in which it lives. The title ‘manipulation’ works both ways in this piece to the extent that it is relevant to both the artist in the way he alters the animations world and also the animation in the way he pushes the boundaries of the world he is in.

During the Animation week, our group was influence greatly by the work of Greaves in his ‘manipulation’ animation. The combination and contrast of using both pencil and paint in the animation and on the paper helps assists the piece with its humour and intelligence. The one thing that strikes me about this piece, and it partly goes without saying, is how long it must have taken Greaves to compile the initial idea of the piece. As well as this the construction of the idea and actually coming up with ways of creating these amazing effects is a talent i greatly admire in his work.

As Greaves studied at UCA before his career as an animator it is easier to relate to him and his work as he learnt his animation 101 skills while studying at the college in a similar way to the foundation and animation students that currently attend. From this it is easier to believe what you can be achieve through the pathway. In a lot of the work i produce as a practitioner i enjoy adding sub-text which adds a funny side to the piece. Although it may not be as obvious as the humour that Greaves incorporates, it still exists and adds to the piece.