Above- concept sketches for what i could possibly make to fit inside my suitcase, however many of these designs were generic and had been done, to a certain extent, before.

The 3D Design pathway was not at all what i expected it to be. DT has never been my thing, ever; but this week was actually a lot of fun. Having been given the brief of ‘make a Super Suitcase’ i was left with ideas of things which had all ready been done and imagination took its time to come in to play. However, after thinking about concepts and reasons behind why a certain ‘super’ suitcase should be made i came up with the idea of having a small, compact and portable photobooth. By photobooth i mean a ‘fun’ photobooth; one that is found at parties and events which you want to remember. The main inspiration for this came from attending the SU fair at the beginning of the term where i noticed there was a photobooth taking up an awful lot of room and taking an awful lot of time to set up and deconstruct. With my design i intended there to be an easy way to pretty much instantly set up this booth so it was ready to go. And all in one standard size suitcase.

This is the final design sheet that i drew for the portable photobooth with dimensions and a lot of techincal detail as to how it would be made, put up and taken down.