Pictures of the winning entrant for this years Jerwood Drawing Prize. Gary Lawrence used black ball point biro’s that be bought for 30p from a supermarket. The drawing took Lawrence the best part of 8 months to complete and he is hoping that the 30p investment is going to make him close to £8,000. Lawrence said in an interview with the Evening Standard that his motive for calling the piece ‘Homage to Anonymous’ is to draw attention to ‘all the anonymous artists through history who made work but are unrecognised’. Lawrence describes his process as ‘like knitting, you have to stick at it for a long time to get the results.’

This Piece is by Jessie Brennan who was commissioned to do this piece by ‘CLOSE’. it is 5.17 metres long and 27 cm high. Personally, the craftsmanship of this piece was more impressive than the work of Gary LAwrence but i was not the judge. I don’t think that the picture does this piece justice as it has to be seen in the flesh to have an awe binding effect.