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Do Ho Suh is a Korean Artist who has recently had an exhibition at the Tate Modern, showcasing his work known as ‘Staircase 3’. Interestingly, this piece is made up entirely from cloth and so is very transportable and light. Ho Suh’s work, operates in a similar way to a child’s pop up book due to its accessibility and simple transformation of shape. Having seen this piece in the flesh and many others online, Ho Suh, as an artist, works on a 1×1 scale. The exhibition that is on display at the moment is an actual staircase in the artist’s house.

As you can see, the work that Ho Suh exhibits is a replica of a staircase, modelled from stairs that actually exist and are relevant to the artist himself. In this respect, Ho Suh’s work also relates to the viewer on a personal level as we gain access and insight into the artist’s life. The concept of home is usually one associated with warmth, comfort and security which are all highlighted in these pieces. The colours of the material are warm, the material itself is obviously soft and light and the fact that the exhibit dangles from the ceiling suggests a hint of security. However, although the artist presents his house in a warm, comfy and secure way, we are viewers are granted TOTAL access to his home. Due to the transparent nature of the piece, Ho Suh is inviting us into his life temporarily as we see how and where the artist himself lives and feels safe. We are drawn into the comfort zone that he feels so naturally while at home. This element of the piece, when analysed is, to a certain extent, quite creepy and peculiar. But when viewed from a distance, this work is fun-loving, friendly and generous.