In a recent interview with Henrik Drescher he said that ever since he was 15 years old he had wanted to be an illustrator. Having only attended art school for a single semester, the work that Drescher has produced as a professional practitioner is a skill that i greatly admire. Being interested in graphics and wanting to go into the advertising/illustration industry, it is re-assuring to see that illustrators such as Drescher have achieved such great success from persisting at what they love doing and have always loved doing.

What is interesting about Drescher and his work is that there is a variety of incorporated techniques and media. You can see in his work ‘The Post Family’ that there is all sorts of media that has been used to create this piece. Drescher has used different paper and card to create the basic background in this illustration. As well as this, Drescher has combined ball point pen and photographs to add certain effects the family portrait and the piece itself. From his work ‘The Post Family’ i enjoy how one may interpret the message and sub-text behind the piece.

This work also reminds me of the exquisite corpse drawings that we did at the beginning of part one during the drawing week. The simplicity of the style is very similar to the work of the chapman brothers to the extent that their use of line is very similar and the intricate addition of detail to the piece makes the visually stunning and interesting to examine.