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My reasoning behind this final piece came from the work of an artist called Summer Mann who focuses directly on figure and the outline of the human form. Her work is sensationally beautiful and fluidly depicts communities of the 1949’s. There is no need for detail in her work as the image and composition of the work speaks for itself. The A2 ‘theme’ that we were set was ‘Exploration and Discovery’. I decided to look at the need to be discovered and so the concept of being lost; whether it is within oneself or quite literally lost. I was strongly drawn to the idea of ghosts immediately and pursued this throughout the year looking at artists whose practice focuses on ghosts but this was not enough. I progressed to examine the detachment from society that is experienced by a large portion of the population. If you did not realise this then you have proven my point exactly. These people who are detached from society go unnoticed every day and people simply do not recognise or even comprehend their existence. This tryptich therefore, symbolise the people who are detached, physically, from the society in which they are placed. The faded outline represents how easily they can be ignored and forgotten as your eye is drawn to more exciting things behind and around the figure i have presented. However, the bits of intricate detail which can also be seen represents their physical connection with the world in which they exists. These bits of detail are the only thing they have left and without further observation, they are forgotten. ENJOy…