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Despite the amount of times i have visited London in my life and walked along the Southbank i had never come across this area before. It is used daily by a numerous amount of keen skateboarders, tourists and small run-away children. A dangerous place perhaps for kids to go wandering but what really captivated me was the enormous amount of art that filled the space. These photos aren’t edited the lighting was just fantastic in here. ENJOy…

I’ve never really been a lover of street art but there is something about this space that captivates me. If you haven’t seen this and have a moment in London then go and have a look. It really is fantastic. There is just something about the location of this work that makes it stand out from the likes of Banksy, Ces53 or Pixnit. Not because i think this is better – i clearly don’t think that as this is very unlikely to be one artist – but because this is a community of artists who have chosen to have a safe haven for there work. God only know how many different people have left their ‘tags’ in this space, how much time has been devoted to leaving some kind of trace. It is remarkable when you put it into perspective don’t you think?

What i find hard to believe is that stuff like this just appears. It is not publicly announced or advertised, graffiti is an underworld of artists who respect each other privacy and who never want to be known. A lot of the famous taggers and artists work at night primarily so they do not get caught and this alone brings another air to this type of work. They are not commercialists, they couldn’t care less about being famous for their art, they simply are famous for their art. Okay so maybe Banksy is an exception to this but a lot of the less well known graffiti artists care not for publicity, they do it because they enjoy it and get a buss out of it. I hate, hate, HATE, artists who pretend that their shitty ‘contemporary’ art has meaning. fuck off does it have meaning. It’s a lamp shade. paint something on it, make it look pretty and then present it in a gallery you fucking uncreative, unimaginative wankers. think about it before you drop something on the floor and realise you can bullshit about it.