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At the beginning of the course we were given the topic of ‘traces’ to pursue and come up with a final piece. I decided to look at text and language and began looking into how language can be filtered down to become more simple. This didn’t take me long as the only thing i could really think of that separated letters from one another was either capital letters and lower case letters and then vowels and consonants. I immediately liked this idea and went on to look at where and when people are able to read and be influnenced by text. The answer came to me when i was on the train coming back from Leeds and i have an evening standard that i had been given by one of those beggar type people outside King’s Cross St. Pancras. The bold title ‘Evening Standard’ was easy to read and understand and that’s when i decided to mask letters on a newspaper. ENJOy…

This way a newspaper only reads the foundations of language, the letters that English needs in order to be legible and understood. Due to the time restrictions that we had for this project i only really had time to paint the front pages of the newspapers but would like to try and paint every single page of a newspaper in the same way as a further development of this idea.