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As part of the person project i initially wanted to look at the idea on insanity and how people’s minds operate without the outside world noticing. However, there was far too much to this and i did not really want to pursue such an in depth topic in such a short amount of time. I then decided to look at a part of the human mind, the subconscious, and pursue some sort of coherent and relevant path that would lead me to an interesting and visually exciting outcome.

Through reading studies about the human subconscious – something i did not find all that enticing as i gave up all forms of science years ago and yet found myself reading harvard and oxford psychology essays and research projects about the human mind and how it functions without is being aware of it. I have to say that it was utterly fascinating and i found out a lot about the human subconcious and the way it operates. I would be delighted to share it with you but this is an art blog. not a fucking gay blog (i joke, i like science – in theory. LOL).

Through reading blogs and research projects i fell upon the subconscious and its operations when one is sleeping and was immediately encapsulated by the idea of dreaming and sleeping. I was instantly reminded of the film Inception and the layered dreams that the super dream team formulate in order to alter someones subconscious and the way their mind operates. So i decided to create a piece that would have a core, a centre piece from which all the ‘subconscious’ spawns and grows, and then around it have layers of distortion and further growth as the piece comes alive and forward, moving closer and closer towards the viewer. ENJOy…