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Although i am not a huge fan of workshops this one i did rather enjoy. Mainly because i was allowed to make a mess and fuck around making a model that would paint a picture for me. Sounds unprofessional and amateurish but i was up to the challenge of creating a piece of art without physically touching the paper. At the start of the day (I missed the brief), the group was given an armoury of bits and pieces to be used as part of the drawing machines. Although my immediate thought was to make something mechanical and extremely complicated, time and patience both let me down – at the same time- so i resorted to making a CAR. yes a car. Good old fashioned boys having fun and driving CARS! it was amazing. I wanted to make a piece that was neat and tidy and portrayed the motion of speed that a car has when moving. Soooo ENJOy…

I used rubber bands and heavy pieces of wood to secure and fire my toy race car across a piece of paper as the wheels dragged a variety of coloured inks across a page.

Unfortunately, i had not really thought about how the ink would affect the axis and turning motion of the wheels and eventually, the mechanism ceased to work. This is the final out come.

I do actually really like this piece. It is, and i say this with no word of a lie, what i wanted to achieve with this sort of structure. I like the colours and the portrayal of motion and the simpleness of the piece. If i were to re-run this idea and further develop the work i would consider using single colours repeatedly or maybe not using black. What do you think?