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When i first encountered the wonders of the blogsphere i posted about a couple of artists who photographed people ‘mid-sneeze’. Sneezing has, and i’m sure always will, fascinate me. However, as part of another drawing workshop i decided to portray a movement and image that is impossible to see. I got inspiration from all the advertising about germs and how germs are spread through sneezing and coughing and also this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFfwgsOyn6k). I wanted to paint a sneeze, is the long and short of it. Although how to go about this wasn’t as simple as i thought it could be. However, i came to the conclusion that watery inks or acrylic would suffice. They turned out to be rather effective and i ended up with 8 pieces of different ways people can sneeze. From violent to polite to quite to loud to enormous to when bits of snot and phlegm come out to repeated to sophisticated. They’re all there. ENJOy…