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I have never been to cambridge but was asked to visit at the end of last week and couldn’t really turn it down – THANK GOD FOR 3 DAY WEEKENDS! Although we didn’t exactly go at ‘peak’ time for tourists we were still able to see a lot of beautiful stuff. Our primary reason for going was actually to visit some friends who are academically superior and genuinely study at this prestigious institution.

However, it was still nice to mingle with the city and marvel at the beauty of the architecture that is quite literally around every corner. The most impressive in my mind HAS to be the architecture of the colleges that are located within the city – the ‘on campus’ colleges – some of which were originally constructed nearly 500 years ago. One of the college (i think it’s with Trinity or Jesus) was LITERALLY officially opened by King Henry VIII!

As well as the architecture of the city there are plenty of cafes and retro sweet & treat shops where you can indulge in a vast amount of nibbles. This we took full advantage of.

And finally, i must admit that we did ‘occasionally’ visit a pub. And by occasionally i mean ‘every day, twice a day’ but this was also for a spot of Lunch and Dinner. I took a further turn towards manhood and dared to try my tastebuds for real ale or just beers that weren’t lager. One giant step for me, a small step for manhood. I would have to recommend highly (like these were absolutely delicious)  ‘Jeremiah Weed’ and ‘Newcastle Brown ale’. 🙂 ENJOy…