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As you may or may not know i have always been forgiving of graffiti. I think it’s great, there is so much passion, dedication, thought and skill that goes into it. Those ignorant, stuck up wankers who view graffiti artists as criminals and talentless attention seekers need to learn to open their eyes and stop being so pretentious. I digress. I found this brilliantly subtle bit of graffiti on a van in New York. When i originally saw it i just assumed that it was a bit of advertising. To this day i am still uncertain of the actual purpose of  it but i am verging more towards the idea that someone just thought it would be funny and nice to vandalise this person’s van. I think they succeeded. It is a delightfully funny and nice thing to do and the owner of this van clearly didn’t have too much of a problem with it. Cool ENJOy…