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For my process project i have decided to do some detailed work and research on people. I have quite a few photos of people that i have seen in my life because i’m a bit weird and take photos of people i don’t know and who have no idea what i’m doing. I think it’s slightly illegal but oh well. I’m only drawing them. I have always taken pictures of and been fascinated by the homeless.

It’s so shit, being homeless – i have incredible sympathy for them. They are brave people. But yes anyway, i photograph and draw the homeless because i think they are a great subject matter. I guess you could say i utilise their vulnerability  but taking a photo of someone who has lost everything, and at a time when they are unaware surely gives them absolutely zero opportunity to put up any form of facade. And that’s why i like it. Although there may not be any real difference between someone who poses for a picture and someone who doesn’t, by capturing them at a moment of unawareness you literally capture them for who they are and the mood they are in at that time, regardless of how they wish to show themselves. This guy was asleep so it was SLIGHTLY easier to take a photo without waking him. ENJOy…