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I guess you could say that this is another dedication post for Marina. As i was on the train on my way into London i remember that you asked me for more 1)Sunsets and 2)Graffiti. So here we go. I did see a lot more than just these but i enjoyed these ones the most. They are Beautifully simple and that is what attracts me to them. I have also worked with the concept of outline art in a similar way to Julian Opie and these two pieces reminded me strongly of his work. This one especially… ENJOy…

There is more character in these two figures, the gender is clear due to their physical features which allows them to stand out as definitive and unique. What i also like about these guys is that the artists has clearly thought about the space and composition and colour that he must use in order for this work to stand out. This guy is a completely different story though. Having an even simpler complexion there is a deeper personality with this figure. He looks lost as he idly examines his surroundings as if he is about to cross the road. He appears to know that he is in the wrong place but at the same time doesn’t really have anywhere to go. That is the main thing that primarily attracted me to these two. They are not beautifully elaborate nor do they really stand for anything but there is a personality behind them as well as a bit of humour. Always a good thing in my books.