The main idea for this concept sprung one evening when i thought to myself how amusing i would find it if i passed a sign that simply read ‘sing’; a harmless anagram of the word ‘sign’ and a lighthearted joke. I slept of the idea and woke with an urge to create this sign. So i did.


The other two were further developments of the original concept which i also liked the sound of so they came into being as well. From this i then moved on to thinking about what kind of other signs are there for road users, There are quite a few variations may i add. However, the only other alternative that i was really interested in was that of street signs and road names. Although i am not certain of this fact i have a strong belief that the majority of street names end in a handful of words. Some of these being; Street(surprisingly), way, place, close, end, park and avenue. So when i could no longer think of any more i stuck with these and came up with four mock ups of what these signs could look like…


Despite the fact that i haven’t put the signs out in the real world to get the full effect of their… humour, i like them as pieces that exist as if they have been removed for being too ridiculous to be seen in the real world. So they exist only in the world of art.

I must say that the basis for my inspiration for this project is a rather well know man who goes by the famous name of Banksy. I have always admired the world of street art but never really had any desire to partake in it. I think this is probably because i am not quite bad man enough. Not quite ‘G’ enough even. However, his processes, wit and skill have helped me greatly with this part of the final project. Just in case you are unaware of who this rather brilliant man is, or are just dying to look at some of his stuff, here you go… (I also accept that you may have ceased reading the post to google him. If so, I’m glad you did :p)