After deciding to scale my work down to an A6 scale i began to experiment with the pencils and paper and before i knew it my experimentation had become my first piece. I read through the rest of my useful descriptions and picked out the 5 best. The selection process wasn’t exactly… thorough. Some of the descriptions were completely useless, but there were a few i had to fight on. I eventually came to my final five, chosen purely on the detail that they contained. By chance they are all completely different in setting (from what i can establish) and have turned out to be interesting and varied.

This first drawing consists of; Palm trees, the sun, coconuts, a clown fish, a cocktail glass, a cigar and sand. There is a very abstract feel to this particular drawing as there is no real location. There are aspects or underwater life, plants and also man made products. I do like the changes in scale with this one however. The fish is life-size, the sand is blown out of proportion, the sun, in comparison to the trees and coconut could be realistic (given the time of day, time of year and location) and the cigar and glass are fairly regular.

The second drawing had a completely different style to the first and continues over the next 4. It consists of; Hair, the setting sun, a strap, hanging cloths and money. The description i read for this one gave me a sense of heat and desert. Brown and earthy… But i had to portray these immediate feelings in black and white. The one thing i don’t like about this one is the detail on the pound coin.

Third we come to the ‘industrial’ themed drawing. This one isn’t quite as busy and consists of three elements; A tap, a trough and a metal shack. In terms of overall enjoyment of the individual drawings i had the most fun with this one. Especially the tap and trough. Drawing water was something i had never done before and so imagining it wasn’t quite as easy as i thought it was going to be. The detail on the tap is also completely imagined  but i like how it looks 🙂

Penultimately we come to the only drawing i could actually interpret and understand. After reading this one and realising who had written it i was able to put all the parts together to establish what was going on. This scene, consisting of; clouds, steps, a lake, hills, a trumpet (portraying a band) and a floatation ring (portraying ships), depicts the farewell of a loved one to sea. This drawing also contains my favourite aspect of the whole series. This is the ships ring. I can’t really explain why either, i just really believe what it is and what it is meant to portray. I also had a lot of fun drawing this part aswell….

Finally we have the most literal drawing of the lot. Consisting of; the sun, grass, trees, sheep (portrayed by the tree) and a thatched roof (depicting a countryside house), i am most familiar with this composition. This is the only drawing that really looks like it could be a place rather than an interpretation of a place. What i like about this one in particular is the solid black sun on the left. I like this part because i hadn’t really used big blocks of dark tone in the previous drawings… I had focussed more on shading, light tone and negative space…