Beginning the collaboration process…

After decided to make my work partially about collaboration i began to go about collecting. There were a variety of ways i wanted to do this such as interviewing people to get information or simply asking people to take a picture for me to draw. But in the end i decided to easiest way to gather this information was to ask people to describe to me a place they had been in their life. However it was important that i had never been there so i wasn’t able to get an idea of what it looked like. This is what i came up with…

However, some of the descriptions were not what i was looking for in terms of settings to i can only use 7 of them realistically to draw. But this is only a minor set back 🙂



Adam Caldwell


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Adam Caldwell is a Massachusetts born artist who claims his inspiration comes from the community or artists that he surrounds himself with. In a similar way to Chloe Early, his work is an integration of the real world and the fantasy world. ENJOy..

“My paintings and drawings juxtapose elements of abstract expressionism and classical figuration”

Initial Inspiration…

As part of my research for my Final Major Project i am looking at the work of an artist called Chloe Early. An abstract painter who creates bold, vivid landscapes combining the real world with an imagined one. Early was born and raised in Cork, Ireland but moved to London in 2004 where she now lives and works. Her most recent solo exhibition was an October opening in 2010, exhibiting in the Corey Helford Gallery.

As paintings, it is this sort of style that i am looking to work around. I feel it will benefit my research and development to create a few paintings in this style. This will require me to either copy the paintings as they appear or use aspects of them to create my own pieces. We’ll have to wait and see i guess. ENJOy…



Initial Proposal… Manipulation of the artificial world.

The main idea for this concept sprung one evening when i thought to myself how amusing i would find it if i passed a sign that simply read ‘sing’; a harmless anagram of the word ‘sign’ and a lighthearted joke. I slept of the idea and woke with an urge to create this sign. So i did.


The other two were further developments of the original concept which i also liked the sound of so they came into being as well. From this i then moved on to thinking about what kind of other signs are there for road users, There are quite a few variations may i add. However, the only other alternative that i was really interested in was that of street signs and road names. Although i am not certain of this fact i have a strong belief that the majority of street names end in a handful of words. Some of these being; Street(surprisingly), way, place, close, end, park and avenue. So when i could no longer think of any more i stuck with these and came up with four mock ups of what these signs could look like…


Despite the fact that i haven’t put the signs out in the real world to get the full effect of their… humour, i like them as pieces that exist as if they have been removed for being too ridiculous to be seen in the real world. So they exist only in the world of art.

I must say that the basis for my inspiration for this project is a rather well know man who goes by the famous name of Banksy. I have always admired the world of street art but never really had any desire to partake in it. I think this is probably because i am not quite bad man enough. Not quite ‘G’ enough even. However, his processes, wit and skill have helped me greatly with this part of the final project. Just in case you are unaware of who this rather brilliant man is, or are just dying to look at some of his stuff, here you go… (I also accept that you may have ceased reading the post to google him. If so, I’m glad you did :p)

A Stitch in Time… Agata Oleksiak


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Agata Oleksiak is a Polish born Tracey Emin inspired installation artist. Her most recent show ‘I do not expect to be a mother but I do expect to die alone’ has a direct reference to Emin’s spectacle entitled ‘I do not expect’. These works are life size replica’s of her bedroom and the surfaces consist of the messages that she received from lovers. ENJOy…

The use of colour is an interesting aspect of the piece. Her use of hot, fluorescent colour suggests the depth of the passion that she once felt or experienced with these unnamed people.

Another interesting aspect to this piece is the fact that the entire room has been weaved and carefully thread together. The delicacy of the work suggests also that these relationships were always vulnerable and perhaps is a statement that she never really felt secure with her sex life.

Sunday’s (late) Song of the Week – Counting Crows ‘Yellow Taxi’


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Now it’s a given that isn’t exactly a new song in the UK top 20 but i recently re-discovered it and realised that the last time i played it was over a year ago. I was disappointed in myself and so decided to whack it on here 🙂